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Monitoring the competition

Do you want to know exactly when, what and how often your competition posts? Forget manual logins. We monitor the newsletters of more than 800 brands for you. Subscribe to both individual stores and entire e-commerce categories.

Current trends and recommendations

We will show you what is currently flying in email marketing. We know the most popular amount of discounts and best practices for creating newsletter graphics. We know with 95% accuracy what the recipient will immediately be interested in.

Subject analysis

The subject fundamentally decides the degree of openness. That's why we examine the average length, the most common phrases and the most used smileys. All this with the aim of showing you how to write the subject as well as possible.

Inspirational collection

Christmas, Valentine's Day, Black Friday and dozens of other events from the marketing calendar 2022 are sorted into clear collections for you. Check them out and get inspired with great ideas.

Winning attention in the inbox, not falling into spam and outpacing the competition is not a piece of cake. But getting key data, inspiration and answers to important questions is just a few clicks away with Mailhunt. We help e-shops, agencies and e-mail marketing specialists to achieve better results of mailings. What other features can you count on?

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Automatic reports
BIMI check
Mobile view
Tool comparison
Marketing calendar

In mailing, details matter. Don't just rely on your tool.

Tools like Ecomail or Mailchimp provide performance-oriented data. Mailhunt does not send newsletters, but directly hunts. We offer answers to business and creative questions that you would be puzzled over in vain. Get inspiration before every mailing, get more orders.

Lukáš Benzl, co-founder and CEO

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We have been helping clients with e-mailing for many years. Naturally, we use advanced marketing strategies and smart tools for our work. One of the others was Mailhunt, which helps us analyze the current situation with clients and their competitors. Thanks to this, we can propose clear sub-steps and innovations in email marketing that lead to improved campaign performance.

Jakub MalýCo-Founder & Head of E-mail Marketing | Promogen

At nanoSPACE, we closely monitor the competition, and mailing is naturally one of the main things we are interested in. Thanks to Mailhunt, I no longer have to have a series of filters in my e-mail and a mailbox for newsletters, which 90% of the time I didn't read at all anyway. And I'm not talking about statistics that I could never manually calculate myself. I also appreciate the ability to subscribe to entire categories in Mailhunt - very quickly I get insights about what type of mailing works best in a given segment. And the possibility to view the mailing campaigns of competitors in retrospect = 💰💰💰.

Lukáš KonečnýStrategie a rozvoj | nanoSPACE s.r.o.

Smart tools help us at Sherpas TECH to effectively manage marketing channels, including Mailhunt. A service with such functions was missing on the Czech market. We use newsletter monitoring in the analysis and creation of strategies for e-mail marketing of our clients. One of the advantages of Mailhunt, which I personally enjoy a lot, is the possibility to monitor entire categories of websites with one click.

Petr CikánCEO & Co-Founder | Sherpas TECH s.r.o.

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